4 Fundamental Desires……….. Part 3

Desire path on Monken Hadley Common

Desire path on Monken Hadley Common (Photo credit: Kake Pugh)


You want to continue your life perpetually, a burning desire to live, to leave a mark, to create a legacy.

This desire is entrenched in you and you don’t even realise it

Every activity you undertake, every thought you have, every memory you hold stems from this desire to continue.

Deep down you know that your existence on this plane is limited and you want to stretch that.

The Desire for Continuity is rooted in thought, memory and word.

Thought, memory and word are of time – time either past or time in future.

Time – It doesn’t show any bias to anyone, it dishes out the exact same amount to each one of us.

We have 24hrs at our disposal – never to return once gone.

In that 24hrs you experience your own self projections created from your thoughts, words and memories – there is no freshness in this and time is wasted.

When you make plans constantly and live in your plans – you are trying to create permanency.

When you watch excess TV, surf internet, chat constantly etc.,- you are trying to hold time still and create permanency, all the while realizing that it is fleeting from you.

Result – Hurry.  Desire for Continuity is the fuel for the Enemy of Hurry.

By ignoring the present moment, caught up in either future plans or fears of executing the plans, knowing that you have wasted time, feeling guilty, you hurry to catch up with the present moment – a moment that just slipped into the past.

So, you eagerly look to the future moment waiting to arrive – with bated breath, holding yourself in fear, worry – comforting yourself at the same time that the future moment hasn’t arrived and slip back into your activity.

You suddenly realise that the future moment arrived, not only has it arrived but it already slipped into the past because you only realise when it is gone, you feel guilty etc., and the cycle repeats.

You are constantly hurrying to catch up with the present moment that is just past and leaped into the future, arrived into the present and gone again.  The catch up game never ends.

Desire for Continuity – rooted in thought, word and memory – a total mind game.

How do you hold time? Can you hold time?

The obvious answer is NO.  So what is the solution to avoid the ‘hurry and catch up game’?

Put a Ceiling on Desire on how you spend time.

Instead of watching same news at 3 different times on 3 different channels, limit it to one and instantly gain an hour.

Instead of endless surfing on the internet, limit the time that  you spend on it.

Instead of subscribing to countless number of blogs that sounded interesting at the time, limit them to a couple that are most relevant to you

Don’t let screens take over your life – (says me, who spends most of her waking time in front of a screen – my laptop, but hey! I am alerting you to the perils of it – on the screen –  aren’t I?)

You would be amazed at how much time you would gain in simply being aware of how you are spending it and where you can gain it.

Just becoming aware of yourself in your surroundings, bringing yourself to the present moment constantly – not only saves you from hurrying, but also gives you a presence in your life.  You become alive, not caught in the mental gymnastics that your mind constantly engages you in.

Living in the present moment does not leave room for guilt, fear, worry or hurry.

When you are not hurried, you have patience.

When you have patience, you become loving and kind.

When you are loving and kind, you are healthy  not just mentally, but physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Desire for Continuity is fulfilled as you are leaving a legacy of how good, loving and kind a person you are.

Same desire, two different results – all because you have decided to put a ceiling on how you spend your available time.

So what do you do with your available time?

You can work on yourself – creating a healthy you

You can spend it with your family – creating a healthy family

You can serve in your community – creating a healthy community

A healthy you, a healthy family and a healthy community creates a better world.

Think about it – all this because you decided to put a ceiling on how you spend your time.

Ceiling on Desires on Food, Money, Energy and Time –  is not about not having desires or not fulfilling desires.

Ceiliing on Desires is about recognising the excessive desires in these 4 areas that can take over our lives and then consciously putting a limit on fulfilling them, so we still enjoy those but in moderation.

The freed up resources of Food, Money, Energy and Time are then put to good use for the benefit of the individual, the family and the society.

Ceiling on Desires is a simple spiritual practice that is steeped in respect and love for oneself and for the world that one lives in.

Ceiling on Desires is a practice that is loaded with potential to create a loving, united and harmonious world.

Will you practice Ceiling on Desires?  I am………..trying to

Tell me where you can put a Ceiling on Desire on Time?  Leave your comments

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari

About Padma Ayyagari

I am a Human Values Activist, passionate about and trying to live steeped in Spirituality. I live with the knowledge that Love is the undercurrent of all human life. I believe in Unity of Faiths, Unity in diversity and try and live my life with unity in thought, word and deed. Helping others to lead a life of practical spirituality that will give peace of mind is my passion and life purpose.
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