Life as I Am Experiencing!!!!!!!!!!

Here are three Haiku poems written on three separate occasions and yet seem to have a thread running through them and I would call it “Life as I am experiencing”.

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

Boiling in the Pressure Cooker

A hot evening’s noisy, angry frustrations

– A sudden summer thunder storm.

Grey January

Shoulders drooped and chin tucked

Candle flickers as Grey clouds close in

– Blue blood dripping from heart.

Gray (or grey) whale Pod, Eschrichtius robustu...

‘i’ ending as ‘I’ know

Traveling a Journey spectacled.

Between Traveling and Knowing

A Chasm called Life

– Lonesome Passage to Eternity.

About Padma Ayyagari

I am a Human Values Activist, passionate about and trying to live steeped in Spirituality. I live with the knowledge that Love is the undercurrent of all human life. I believe in Unity of Faiths, Unity in diversity and try and live my life with unity in thought, word and deed. Helping others to lead a life of practical spirituality that will give peace of mind is my passion and life purpose.
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2 Responses to Life as I Am Experiencing!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Abhishek says:

    I recommend to you the ‘Song of Sorrow’ by Pablo Neruda.


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